We are touched to inform you that due to the pandemic situation of Covid-19 we are forced to cancel the International Youth summer camp „99 ways“.

However, we extremely value Your ideas. Therefore, we created possibilities for youth engagement online in creating Youth season 2022 and building bonds. If you are interested, please contact us via email: camp@kaunas2022.eu

What’s 99 WAYS?

Kaunas, the second city in Lithuania, is titled to be the European Capital of Culture in the year 2022. Ever since we have this term set – we are constantly looking for fresh ideas that could be done in one of our grand events – Youth Season in 2022. Youth season is going to be a co-creative
platform for youth around Europe and the whole wide world to gather, explore and discuss the importance of young people being a signifcant part of the culture in Europe.

We are willing to engage you and hear your ideas on what could be the 99 diferent ways to create a Youth Season in the city that would be worth to visit in 2022.

We are willing to explore and search for new forms, mindsets and ways to create a future Youth Season together.

who can take part in the camp?

We will host 60 creative young people from all around Europe and the world, who are willing to contribute to the creation of the festival and, of course, explore Kaunas. We are looking for youngsters who are active participants in the cultural field – from a practicing artist to cultural managers, producers, entrepreneurs, art historians, journalists… Everyone, with an open-minded approach, desire for creativity, discovery, and willingness to contribute are welcome.


Kaunas and Kaunas district,


July 5th-12th, 2020


You should be between 18 and 27 years old at the time of the Summer Camp.


Participating in the full programming of 8 days of the Second International Youth Summer Camp (July 5-12, 2020) is mandatory.


We encourage individuals from all backgrounds to apply and join the campdays


English is the official language.


It is free to participate online.

Programof thecamp

We will soon announce the full program.

The daily activities will consist of workshops, gatherings, cultural activities, brainstorms, physical practices, outdoor explorations, debates and, of course, celebrations.

Invitationfor thestrategists

Together with youngsters we kindly invite to attend strategists from each participated country. A strategist is a person, having a strong network of the local and international cultural field, able to connect organizations for further collaboration. The goal of the strategic planning group is to unite international youngster’s ideas, generated within the camp activities, into solid partnerships at the international organizational level. Strategists, willing to participate are invited to apply via camp@kaunas2022.eu until 2020 March 22.


and cross your fingers:


99 WAYS is the International Summer Camp where ideas from young people could become part of our Capital of Culture program. Camp is organised by Kaunas 2022 European Capital of culture team. For any questions please contact:

VšĮ Kaunas 2022,
Įstaigos kodas 304497759,
Vytauto pr. 79, Kaunas 44321, Lietuva,